SOPA is a force for good

January 22, 2012 § 1 Comment


SOPA is currently slinking in some movie studio’s back room, but it may well rear it’s outmoded little head again in a new form. For now, though, the internet can regroup.

The effects of this victory are becoming clear. Any young person who isn’t a complete imbecile will have heard about the wretched bill. What is more, they may even know that the bill was dropped rather swiftly after what seemed like the entire internet exploded in protest.

If this debacle has shown us anything it’s that when young people pay attention to politics, participate and get organised online they can make serious changes to the lumbering dinosaur that is politics.

It’s all very well for us to write blog posts, talk about things and get idealistic, but before long some of that energy needs to be channeled into tangible results. That’s what SOPA brought up in people. It gave them a point at which they could rally around. And hot it worked! Look at the results.


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§ One Response to SOPA is a force for good

  • Agreed. The unity was palpable ….. and delicious.

    I fear that ‘Plan B’ is now in operation though.

    Postpone. Withdrew. Wait for it to become old news. Rework bill superficially. Approach congress in private and put pressure on them by any means. Create massive media diversion. Attempt to get bill passed again.

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