Labour still ahead but Lib Dems are real winners in the polls

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

The latest polls show labour is still just ahead of the Tories at 41% to 37%, however it’s the Lib Dems who are the unlikely winners in this race.

What Cameron’s actions over the last few weeks have shown is that he is desperate to keep the government together. He fears a Blair style reshuffle which would weaken his government and damage policy. It’s because of this fear that he was so quick to defend Lansley against attacks from Ed Miliband during PMQs.

In the latest poll race, the Lib Dems only just made it to the finish line, hobbling in with a mere 7%, whilst UKIP snapped at their heels on 6%. It was revealed this week the that the Lib Dems might be getting cold feet in the coalition. Those close to Cameron fear that they might walk out of the coalition agreement a year and a half before the 2015 election. This would leave Cameron without a majority in parliament, a situation which would effectively cripple his government.

If the Lib Dems continue to feel they are losing credibility in the coalition they could begin to make increasingly large demands on the Conservatives. This new found confidence could begin in the next few weeks as the two sides battle it out over the upcoming budget. Lib Dem heavyweight David Lewis is pushing for his £10,000 tax allowance and with the backing of Simon Hughes and Labour’s Ed Balls it is looking increasingly like a possibility.

This policy has united Hughes and Lewis who stand at opposing ends of the often muddled Lib Dem political spectrum. Hughes is the foremost social democrat in the party, whilst Lewis (who is the only Lib Dem not to oppose the Tories) has staunchly liberal economic views.


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